Homeless animals



❤️Meil on nüüd lühinubrid olemas:
9009020 – 9 eurot Ukrainast inimestele
9009030 – 9 eurot Eesti perede abistamiseks, kes elavad allpool vaesuspiiri või absoluutses vaesuses.


How does your donation help?

The Helpus MTÜ helps pets.

We pay for treatment and deliver food to homeless animals in need. We also support Estonia’s proven, active shelters that house hundreds of dogs and thousands of cats, as well as dozens of other small animals.

Your donations help us treat, vaccinate, chip, issue pet passports, and enter the pet registry for those pets who are sent from our shelters to a new home.

Donations help us ensure that the animals receive the care and well-being they need during their stay at the shelter. Donations enable With donations, we can spay/neuter as many animals as possible to relieve both pets and their new owners of problems and prevent unwanted broodings.

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