Children of Estonia



❤️Meil on nüüd lühinubrid olemas:
9009020 – 9 eurot Ukrainast inimestele
9009030 – 9 eurot Eesti perede abistamiseks, kes elavad allpool vaesuspiiri või absoluutses vaesuses.


How will your donation help?

Helpus MTÜ helps the children of low-income families in Estonia.
In trying to take care of foreigners, many people forget about the locals.

We buy the most necessary things for the children.
There are many families in Estonia, children living below the poverty line or in absolute poverty.
We want to help the children of these families to buy the basic necessities: clothes, food, school supplies, which in the future will help them to get out of a difficult situation.
We organize the purchase or payment of food, clothing, school bags, pens, notebooks, books and other school supplies for these families.

Statistics Department data

In 2020, 20.6% of residents of Estonia lived in relative poverty in and 2.2% in absolute poverty.

According to the leading analyst of the Department of Statistics, Anet Muyrsoo, the level of absolute poverty shows which part of society is unable to support itself.

Last year, about 28 700 people lived in absolute poverty. Their monthly income was less than 220 euros.

In 2020, 270 800 people lived in relative poverty, whose monthly income, taking into account the composition of the household, was less than 631 euros.


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