Peaceful Ukrainians



❤️Meil on nüüd lühinubrid olemas:
9009020 – 9 eurot Ukrainast inimestele
9009030 – 9 eurot Eesti perede abistamiseks, kes elavad allpool vaesuspiiri või absoluutses vaesuses.


How does your donation help?

HelpUs MTÜ helps civilians in Ukraine.

The relatives of the founder of our MTÜ are in Ukraine. We know firsthand how the civilians and their children who stayed behind feel. The sounds of air-raid alarms, explosions and gunshots force them to flee to the basement at all hours of the day and night. There are no jobs or money in these areas. The stores are running out of food. Many families don’t even have money to pay private drivers who take people to the border so they can get refugee status.

Families and Ukrainian children really need help.

They need money for the basic necessities of life: travel to the border, food and water, and personal hygiene products.

Also, some families’ homes are simply destroyed.

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